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WooHoo, We’re getting Hitched!

We have some exciting news to share (drum roll please)…

We’re getting married!

On Sunday Bob asked me to marry him! We’ve been dating for a long time and now we are makin’ it official.

When we tell people, the first two questions everyone asks are:

  1. Have you set a date?
  2. Where are you going on your honeymoon?
As for the first question- we have no idea! Different months seem out because of already existing holidays or birthdays and other months just seem way too soon. Like most girls, I have pictured what my wedding day would look like, but as a frequent traveler and travel blogger- I feel like the pressure is on to pick an all out awesome location and honeymoon. With the world at our finger tips and friends located everywhere, there isn’t one place that jumps out as THE place we should get married. And, as for the second question- the possibilities get me super excited!

To get me excited and share some of the destination weddings that I love from all over the world

here are a few photos where the location makes me swoon.

                          { A South African Fishing Wedding }

{ An Iceland Waterfall Wedding (We went to this waterfall on our RTW trip!) }

{ An Australian Beach Wedding }


{ A St. Augustine Beach Wedding }

{ Big Sur Point 16 Wedding }

Also- for a little fun… I’m pretty sure my life would be complete if this happened during our ceremony!

Any tips for planning a wedding? Has anyone ever planned a destination wedding? What was most important to you on your wedding day?