Win 30,000 Starwood Points! (And our newest Travel Video!)

vacation in downtown los angeles

Remember our incredible three day adventure to Downtown Los Angeles? Well, we are excited to share a new video we created of our experience and a chance for you to win 30,000 Starwood Points to plan your own awesome vacation. Watch the video, click the link and sign up to win!

DTLA #CaliforniaWeekend from Bobby Christian on Vimeo.

Here’s all the cool details:

  • California Weekends Trivia contest – August 6th-13th
  • Enter to win a chance at 30K Starpoints®
  • Includes 8 trivia questions (which you can easily Google if you need help!)
  • Must be 18 years old to enter
  • Can enter from anywhere in the country (not just California)

Good luck!