Travel to Snowshoe Mountain


Woah. January has totally flown by. At the beginning of the month, I felt like ‘oh, my god, this month is going to last forever.’ And look- it’s the end of the month already! The middle of the month totally blurred together. We went to Snowshoe, Chicago and Nashville and were away from the dogs and the house for about 10 days. After a good weekend catching up on sleep and errands around the house, we’re back to show you all some of our photos from our trips!

First up, Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. This trip was through Travel Mindset and Bob came with me at the very last minute. The resort is one of the best skiing destinations on the East Coast and I was extremely happy to be there with Bob and explore the mountain together.

Here’s a few shots I took on my phone and I’m sharing a ton of posts and videos on Travel Mindset next week.


 Let’s talk about skiing. Skiing scares the crap out of me and at the same time it’s so much fun.

Snowshoe Mountain is different from any other resort I’ve ever been to as far as the lay out of the resort on the mountain. Other resorts have the village and all the condos and cabins at the bottom and you have to take the gondola up to the top to start skiing. At Snowshoe, the Village and our condo was at the top of the mountain. So when we put our skis on, we could immediately start the adventure. I LOVED this. Instead of getting all nervous as I ride the gondola to the top, I could just start skiing. I wish all resorts were like this! 20140127-162740.jpg

On the last night we went tubing at The Coca- Cola Tube Park and had the most fun of the whole trip. Not to make it out like Bob and I are boring- because we’re not- but I don’t think we laughed so much all year! Seriously- tubing is a crazy ride where you are bumping down the hill, falling out of your tube, and generally acting crazy. It was a blast.20140127-162734.jpg

A cabin on one of the back trails that served waffles. Just waffles and hot chocolate. Seriously- amazing.20140127-162728.jpg


Since we started the Whole 30 in January, we haven’t been drinking. But we did manage to have a few hot apple ciders to warm us up. This is the night before Bob got super sick, but he still looks so handsome. #luckiestgirl


An out of focus tree covered in snow. For this California girl, it was so fun to be in snow for the weekend.20140127-162700.jpg


On the lifts- looking up which trail we should do next and taking selfie’s on the gondola. It was freezing and a white out, as you can see. 20140127-162636.jpg

20140127-162625.jpgOn the last day, it was gorgeous. It snowed all morning but the afternoon was perfect and sunny. I love skiing in the sun.

Make sure to check out my posts on Travel Mindset next week. Have you ever been to Snowshoe? It’s funny because before they were a client, I had never heard of them and now it seems like everyone I talk to has been or is going!