Colorado, North America, Travel Photo Tuesday, USA

The lovely Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs

About 30 minutes from Aspen, hugged deep in the mountains with gorgeous views of Mt. Sopris in the background, Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs lures visitors in with sturdy wood cabins, adorable antiques and a hopeful spirited owner who is all smiles. With such a friendly atmosphere, it’s easy to see why people love the hot springs so much and why spending the weekend in one of these cabins surrounded by the dense woods would be so relaxing all year around.

Bob and I were lucky to spend a few hours soaking in the three tiered hot springs, and while the springs were really soothing- I fell in love with all the little details of the ranch.  It seemed like I was visiting a family farm rather than  staying at a nice random cabin.  That warm sense of family and good friends is what would bring me back year after year. (Bob even described the ranch as being very romantic- weekend getaway anyone?!)

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