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Street Art in Aspen?


One of the first things I noticed and loved about the small and quaint downtown Aspen area were these huge, larger than life murals painted on old brick buildings. My dad paints signs similar to this (although a much smaller size) in Florida and I’ve always admired the amount of detail and precision that goes into each unique sign. The end result is truly the work of an artist.  And, while these weren’t the typical graffti-like street art that I’ve seen in Melbourne or Los Angeles, art they were.

I didn’t know the history behind the murals but did recognize a common “tag” on some of the signs, reading Gaard Graphics. Gaard Moses was commioned by the Aspen Historical Society to paint several downtown Aspen murals not of businesses operating today, but of another time, melding old and new, to enhance the lovely, rich feel Aspen so easily embodies.  Gaard moved to Aspen in the late ’60’s, painting his first sign, a “no parking” sign for the city not too long after that. In the ’80’s after building up quite the artist reputation, he helped redefine sign laws in Aspen. He told the Aspen Sojourner,  “There was a sign code. It was pretty vague and had existed since 1954, but (former Aspen Mayor) Bugsey Barnard was able to use it to justify cutting down every billboard between Aspen and Glenwood Springs in one night.”

Today, the street art adds a beauty that makes Aspen truly uniqe.

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