Experiencing the Rain Room at LACMA

Bob and I live near some of the best museums in the country, some within walking distance, and about once a week I’ll say how there’s some new exhibit that I definitely want to check out. Last year there were several that I really wanted to see but because of travel schedules or just plain ole memory loss, I forgot about them until they were over.

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The much talked about Rain Room at LACMA was one of those exhibits that was on my radar before it even opened. The idea that you could walk through the room and rain would fall all around you but not on you was something I knew I had to experience.

Then life hit. We had a baby (in case you haven’t read the blog in 5 months!) and normal life things happened where, once again, we didn’t get tickets. I watched on Instagram as friends and strangers all experienced the Rain Room, FOMO hit hard and fast. Then, miraculously, a friend on Facebook had two tickets up for grabs. The timing was right and I jumped at the opportunity.


Fast forward to last Tuesday when we walked over to LACMA and picked up our tickets for the Rain Room.

We wore closed toed shoes and bright colors (even #KidAugustine dressed in her rain gear, obviously), all things that were listed on our “How to prepare for the Rain Room” email. We were pumped.

This is the thing though: the idea of the Rain Room is actually much cooler than the experience. I mean, of course it is. The technology needed to make it rain all around you yet keep you totally dry is something only for movies (at least right now). Here’s a few photos from our experience. If you’ve been, let me know how you felt about the experience. I was a little disappointed (and have talked to a few other people who felt the same way), and maybe felt that way because it had been so hyped up front media coverage to social media exposure. There was probably no way that it could have exce

I’m happy we finally made it to one of our museum exhibits.

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And now a video: