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New Years Eve Hike to Echo Mountain

Bob and I, plus the doggies and our two friends, Melanie and Spencer, all packed into the car for a quick trip out of LA proper for a hike to end the year. This wasn’t just any ole hike. It was a 3 mile up hill hike to the top of Echo Mountain north of Pasadena. On especially clear days, you can see all the way to Catalina Island. Yesterday was not a clear day- not at all- so we could only really see the outline of the mountain tops long away in the distance. Still, it was a great way to get out a lot of energy, exhale fully, and get ready to start another year. Here’s a few photos from our adventure:


Finally reaching the top- woah, it was a long way up!20140101-134120.jpg

Spencer screaming and waiting to hear the echo of his call back from the mountains. Even though we tried, we couldn’t come up with anything funny to scream, even with all the wit and snark from this group we kept it pretty tame. I think ‘Hello’ was the group fav.20140101-134133.jpg




What did you do the last day of 2013? Hope it was fun!