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While we were in Hong Kong, we made it a point to sign up for one of the tourism board’s free culture classes.  We woke up fairly early, braved the outrageous subway system and found ourselves on an open air deck with the Hong Kong Island skyline in front of us. It was sort of chilly that early in the morning and compared to the oppressive heat and humidity that comes later in the day, it was the perfect time to hone in on our spiritual side and this ancient exercise.

Our class of 20 was lead by a very energetic older man who was in perfect shape. He surprisingly instructed in English, although anyone could easily follow along with his movements. The class was a great introduction to Tai Chi and an experience that I’m so happy to have had.

While learning Tai Chi in Hong Kong was an absolute treat, the moves are basic enough to be practiced anywhere in the world.  As you train and learn more about Tai Chi, you will notice that your body has a very positive response to these simple moves. Some of these responses Tai Chi is known for helping the body with are blood circulation, easing joint tension, reducing arthritis, and, similar to yoga, a more relaxed state of mind. Mayo Clinic describes Tai Chi as “meditation in motion” and is easy for people no matter their fitness level or age.

Here are easy ways to incorporate Hong Kong Tai Chi into your daily life:

Basic Tai Chi Forms Movements with pictures

5 Minute Tai Chi MovesVideo with great instructions

Now that we are back in LA, we are bombarded with hectic schedules and often turn to Tai Chi for its calming and re-energizing effect.  Have you ever tried Tai Chi? What is your favorite exercise to unwind?