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Surfers Paradise: Kite Surfing and Wind Surfing

kite surfing

Kite surfing looks like the hardest sport in the world. At least that’s what I decided after spending just a few seconds watching them fly through the surf, literally fly into the air almost twenty feet above the water, and quickly manuever back out to sea, never hitting or getting tangled up in another kite surfers kite. Seriously, these people must have the strongest arms ever.

This weekend as we were driving up the coast to Malibu to see the solar eclipse, we stopped across the street from Neptune’s Net and watched dozens of kite surfers and wind surfers effortlessly ride the waves, with the wind’s help, of course. These people are talented. And I still can’t get over how many of them were in the water and not getting tangled up in each others wires. It was a pretty impressive show that they were putting on for all the observers, and all of us were oohing and ahhing in unison.

After sending a few photos to my mom, she mentioned that her and my dad had stopped at that exact same spot a few years ago and also spent the afternoon watching the kite surfers. I thought it was pretty cool that even though we weren’t together, we could still talk about the same experience. And, if you wanted to, you could visit and watch the surfers next weekend.

Tips for what to bring and where to watch the kite surfers:

  • Park along the street from Neptune’s Net
  • Wear or pack an extra sweatshirt or jacket- it’s really windy, after all!
  • Bring your camera
  • For extended viewings, order take out from Neptune’s Net, bring a blanket and have a picnic

Have you ever been kite surfing before?