#KidAugustine is 6 Months Old!


Happy 6 months, #KidAugustine!

With our deep love for tacos, it only seemed fitting that #KidAugustine’s 6 month birthday was on Cinco de Mayo. It’s actually the same day last year that we told most of our friends that we were expecting this little baby and that the baby was a little girl. Thinking back on that day, surrounded by our closest friends, I can’t help but feel a huge sense of accomplishment. There was so much unknown in the months leading up to #KidAugustine’s arrival. It’s both crazy that it’s already been six months and at the same time it feels like she’s been with us so much longer than that. It will sound obvious, but this little girl has stolen my heart.



6 month milestones:

  • She can roll over, from side to side, and snake across the living room
  • She has one little tiny tooth peaking out that she loves to rub with her fingers
  • She sings and laughs and coos, but she’s selective with her big belly laughs
  • She smiles so big, even to strangers
  • She sleeps through the night most nights
  • When you go to her crib to get her out after a nap or in the morning she is so happy to see you
  • In general, she is just so happy and doesn’t cry unless she is hungry or really tired
  • She loves sunglasses and hats and shoes (especially putting them in her mouth)
  • She is wearing 6 month clothes, and is very tall (24.5 inches). She still fits into 3-6 shirts or pants, just not one pieces.
  • She loves swim class and has graduated from parent and me beginner to parent and me intermediate (which made me super proud)
  • She loves apples and bananas and pears and peaches. The green veggies she doesn’t care for too much yet.
  • She likes to sing ba, ba, bob over and over again.
  • She loves the dogs and is very fascinated by them
  • She loves being outside and loves wind blowing on her face
  • She has started grabbing for you and reaching for you, which is just oh so sweet
  • She has been to three states and will tick off three more this month.
  • She loves the I Explore the Sea and Penguin goes on an Adventure books.
  • Her favorite toy is the sea horse that lights up and her octopus.
  • She went to her second wedding and her first national park.


Happy six months, #KidAugustine! We love you so much.