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Journey to the Center of the Earth- 7000 feet up!

Stalactites inside the Glenwood Caverns

Cave Popcorn

Stalactites and "Soda Straws"

Inside the cave

There is something otherworldly about Glenwood Caverns in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Maybe it’s the slight echo as you walk and talk, or the minimal lighting which tricks your eyes into seeing things that might not actually be there, or maybe, it’s the brisk air that flows through the caverns at a cool 52 degrees year round.

Not able to identify the feeling quite yet, you keep walking, listening to the animated guide tell stories about the first discoverers while having “fairy kisses” (small amounts of water) drop down on you every couple of feet.

The Glenwood Caverns and Cave tours offer a unique view of this natural wonder while still protecting and preserving the “living caves”. These living caves require moisture in order to thrive, something the early explorers did not realize- allowing many of them to dry out. Lucky for us, a team of cavers in 1952 discovered that only a portion of the caves had been opened and found many huge caverns still living.

The tour starts in the older section of the cave and then walks 127 steps down into the newer levels. As you descend deep into the cave it finally hits you:

It’s strange to climb 7000 feet and somehow still feel like you’re in the center of the Earth- but that’s exactly how it feels!

If you find yourself in Aspen, take an easy 37 mile trip to Glenwood Springs for an incredible adventure back in time and through one of Earths natural beauties.

Have you explored caves before? How would you describe your experience?