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I will forever love April Fool’s Day

12 month engagement

A little slice of the last 12 months!

I used to hate April Fool’s Day. I’ve never been one to come up with a great April Fool’s joke and I am way too gullible to remember that people still actually play those games.

Last year, on April Fool’s Day, Bob proposed to me. It wasn’t planned and it wasn’t a joke. After years of dating and traveling the world together, we were ready to make the big commitment to each other. The proposal was sweet, authentic and totally Bob. The fact that it was a strange day to ask someone to marry him didn’t even enter his mind. He asked me while we were on a long walk with our dogs, on a quiet street in West Hollywood named Sweetzer. He made me a ring out of guitar string until we had the real thing.

Trying on Wedding dresses for the first time

The first day I tried on wedding dresses

After he asked, I remember being shocked and surprised and incredibly happy that this was finally happening. Then we both realized that it was April Fool’s, and we questioned whether or not we should tell anyone- especially social media sites like Facebook. Several other friends did announce that they were pregnant or quiting their jobs or getting married and they were all jokes. This was such a special moment for the two of us and I didn’t want to answer any questions about whether or not it was real. So, we didn’t put it anywhere. We didn’t even tell many of our friends. We secretly celebrated and for that day- it was our little secret.

For a few days and weeks later, Bob would text me “OMG, we’re engaged” or “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you”. Those little moments were so sweet and exactly how I felt too.

Now, a year later and we are almost at the big day. Only 19 more days. For a holiday I once hated, I’m pretty happy to now call this one of my favorite holidays of the year. Pop the champagne!!