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Go See Moonrise Kingdom right this second!

You never know where you’re going to get travel inspiration or even life aspirations from and this weekend was no different.  The new Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom, and a simple quote from Tumblr fueled my wanderlust and challenged me to observe life through a child’s mind.

Bob and I see a lot of movies. As you can imagine, Los Angeles has a movie going culture that doesn’t really exist anywhere else in the world. There are huge theatres, old theatres, indie movie houses and movies in cemeteries. We don’t really discriminate on the type of movie either- we’ll see blockbusters and indie films, short films, foreign films and student films. Like I said, we see a lot of movies.

And, as you can also imagine, a lot of them aren’t really any good.

So when I see a movie that is fun, smart, silly, adventurous, spontaneous and creative- I have to share and convince every single person I know to go see it. Last night we stumbled upon one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. Moonrise Kingdom will surprise you, entertain and excite that childlike wonder of discovery and adventure that sometimes gets lost in the grown-up world that we have to live in.

While the movie itself isn’t exactly about travel, it is about adventure, following your heart and being true to yourself- all things travel lovers are known for and continually search out.

A pair of young lovers flee their New England town, which causes a local search party to fan out and find them. – synopsis of Moonrise Kingdom


You’ll fall in love with the two young lovers and desperately wish you could go back in time and tag along. The movie reminded me of a quote I heard earlier this week,

 “travel keeps you young. magically lost in a moment of discovery.”

While the movie follows two young teens, the story beautifully walks the line of pure childlike wonder with the creative wit of someone much older. The audience is allowed to get lost, cheer for the stars and explore the small island with them. It made me want to dust off our camping gear and plan an adventure. It made me want to dance along the shoreline in my underwear and love so freely and live without fear.

Has a movie ever challenged or changed you? Do you look at movies to prompt your wanderlust?

Moonrise Kingdom only opened in 4 theatres across the United States this weekend to a remarkable turnout. Expect the movie to be in a theatre near you this summer.

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