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Vagabond3’s Gift Guide for the Travel Lover

christmas list for travel lovers

christmas list for travel lovers

Maybe even more than I like shopping for myself, I love finding the perfect gift for other people. When it’s time to shop for my travel friends, I try to think not only about cool gadgets or quirky gizmos, but also how the gift can help that person perfect their passion or give back to local artists or a local community. This gift guide includes both types of gifts: with everything from personalized luxury items to animal rescues. What would you like to get this season?

clockwise from top left:

*personalized leather camera strap, handmade

*Donate to the animals abandoned by Hurricane Sandy

*Fun backpack that won’t get confused with another bag in a pile of all black

*iPhone accessories for better photos

*leather wallet

*the perfect farmer’s market bag made out of recycled materials, made in LA

*Travel More, Work Less (loved this shirt so much last year and it sold out quickly- the company is selling it again this year!)

*Explore America Map, made by a Nashville, Tennessee local artist

*Adopt a Polar Bear, because you wish you really could adopt a Polar bear!

*Instant Prints, give photos to new friends you met while traveling!