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#FriFotos: (PRE) Historic


Me, Ian and the bone- photo by Peter West Carey

There have been few days in my life that ended like today. I woke up just like I do everyday, excited to live, ready to play and energized for whatever life may throw my way.  Little did I know my night would be capped off by cocktails with a Paleontologist- Dr. Ian Miller (just cool ole Ian to me), and I’d be holding a 100,000 year old mastodon bone that he discovered earlier in the day. Yup- 100 Thousand Years Old!

So, when I found out that the theme for #FriFotos was HISTORY- I knew I had to contribute, as this might be the oldest example shared.  (Some might even say PRE-historic!)

the mastodon's jaw bone and teeth

Late last year, a bulldozer operator discovered a mammoth bone in Snowmass, Colorado, which led to the discovery of an entire ecosystem, including well preserved plants, mammoth and sloth fossils. The bone I’m holding is part of a mastodon’s jaw bone. Ian hold me they were really interested in what is between it’s teeth because it might have been the mastodon’s last meal! How freaking cool is that?!

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What’s the oldest thing you’ve touched?