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#FriFotos: Monuments

The Statue of Liberty off in the distance

Ah, New York City. The first time I traveled to NYC, it was like a right of passage. I had just turned 18 and even though I had been to London before and traveled around Scotland, I felt like I was never in the cool group of my friends who went to the city all the time. They knew all the cool neighborhoods, what the heck LES meant and where to see the best theatre. I, on the other hand, only really knew what I read in history books or had seen on TV. Yes, I was very excited to window shop on 5th Avenue and see Times Square, but more importantly I wanted to feel what made NYC so special.


Another shot from the ferry ride

Early one morning, we were wandering around the Seaport TKTS booth and I snapped this photo. For me, this is what NYC is all about. We were in the present- buying theatre tickets and getting ready for a morning shopping trip and then you see The Statue of Liberty and it puts everything else into perspective. You can’t deny the historical presence all around you. It made my experience so much richer and I felt a strong connection to my country that I’m not sure I had ever felt before.

What was your first NYC experience? Do you care about the Statue of Liberty?

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