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Falling in Love with Cadaques

fishing village of Cadaqués, Costa Brava Spain

Cadaqués is a small village about two hours away from Barcelona and only an hour away from Girona. At first glance, it has a romantic forgotten city vibe. The main center has winding cobblestone streets, flowers that grow around the buildings and small ding boats tied to the sea walls. And while it’s easy to get lost , it’s just as easy to find your way back to the sea and find your bearings. Upon closer look, the village is beyond picturesque and grows more beautiful as the sun rises and sets.

This village made me miss Bob more than any other in Spain. I knew he would love the calm tide and ocean breeze. I knew he would love the cute dogs walking through the village streets. I knew he would chow down on the local pastries and devour the local wines. He would truly relax and allow Cadaques’ easy romantic spirit to completely take over him.  When I saw the sweetest old couple walking along the shore, holding hands, my heart melted and ached. This is the perfect city for couples.

If you find yourself lucky enough to wander through these streets and stay a weekend in Cadaques, make sure to really live like the locals. Walk to the local bakery and try one of their light as air sweet pastries you won’t taste anything like it anywhere else in the world. Wake up early to catch the pinky orange sunrise and drink lots of local wine well into the night. Stay in a very charming villa and overlook the sea (the last photo is from our villa’s patio). No matter what you do though, you will fall in love with Cadaques.

Here are a few of the things you’ll see in the beautiful Cadaqués:

Girona, Cadaques, Spain

sunrise in Spain

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