Sunset Sundays

Evil Sunset in Pismo Beach for #SunsetSunday


I don’t think Pismo Beach likes me. It’s not that I have any ill words to say at it, in fact I really loved the 30 minutes we were in town, eating our calm chowder. However, the beach gods must have gotten wind that Bob compared it to the touristy Panama City (which was a fair comparison) because something supernatural happened while we were there.

We arrived in Pismo Beach after a long car ride, bellies empty and ready to strength our legs. After hearing about a “must eat” clam chowder shop, we parked our car in search of the legendary restaurant and started a foot.

We eagerly waited in line and then ordered our chowder to go so we could enjoy it on the pier, with a view of the beach and ocean.

As we walked towards the shore, the sky got dark, very overcast- like it was about to release some evil demon upon us. The hair on my arms stood up. The air quickly changed from hot and dry to humid and sticky. Something was about to happen- we just didn’t know what.

Up until then the sky had been gorgeous- not a cloud in sight and the bluest I had ever seen. This, however, was the complete opposite. Void of all color, looming clouds of dread and terror filled the sky within minutes of us sitting down. Without a filter or special effects, I captured the evil sunset so I could prove what I had just seen.

Now, I may be (a little) over dramatic but sometimes the weather has a mind of it’s own and ruins a perfectly great photo. Have you ever seen an evil sunset?