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Easy Ramen Recipe to remind me of Japan

For months before heading to Japan, all I heard about was how I had to eat ramen and yakisoba in Tokyo. Nope, it wasn’t the fresh sushi as you probably assumed. (Although the sushi was delicious!) We ate at four different ramen houses while we were in Tokyo- all a little different and all very good. Sometimes I wake up at night and I’ll be craving some yakisoba. Unfortunately, when I wake up, I’m in Los Angeles and not Tokyo, so I can’t just dash out to satisfy it. That was, until now.

First of all- what is yakisoba, you ask? Well, it’s basically a fried noodle. Yum- I know.

Second of all- even though yakisoba is served all throughout Tokyo, it actually originated from China.  (Interesting little food fact!)

For our trip to Tokyo through food, I found this recipe and after a quick stop at our local grocery store, Bob and I whipped some up. Similar to ramen, yakisoba noodles are made from wheat flour and served with a thick sweet sauce.  If you have ever been to Wagamama (locations all over the world), they have a similar delicious recipe from their cookbook (which I also have and love!)  This recipe was fast and super simple to make. Enjoy with your favorite Japanese beer or sake and you will be transported to Japan for the night!

Oishii! (which is Japanese for delicious!)

(Freshly cut and bagged vegetables are an easy time saving addition to stir-fly dishes)

(Multiple ways to prepare Chuka Soba noodles)

Serve with sake and enjoy!