Travel Fashion

Day 30/30: Fondue & I’m finished!

Yay! 30 outfits/ 30 fun-fashion filled days! I actually finished the challenge last Tuesday night, but because of the Travel Show and fun meet-ups all week, I haven’t been near the computer too much. I actually finished the challenge wearing a very similar outfit to Day 1 even though I only realized that as I was looking back through all the photos.

For the last night of the challenge, Bob took me to a fondue restaurant in Pasadena to celebrate. (Actually my mom took us because she bought us a Groupon- Thanks, Mom!) We drank wine, ate way too much cheese and had a really fantastic time.

As with the last challenge, I realized that I’m most comfortable in clothes that make me feel, well- like me. Fun, bright, patterns, dresses… whatever it is I just want to feel confident and happy while wearing it! And, even though all of this did fit into a carry-on bag, I would try to pack even less on my next trip. I found that I naturally gravitated towards the same pieces each day and if I wasn’t actually trying to wear all the clothes for the challenge, I might not have worn a few of my choices. (I only had one dress I didn’t wear the entire challenge.)

How do you pack for a long trip? Do you put a lot of thought into it or just throw a bunch of stuff in a bag and hope for the best?