Travel Fashion

Day 23/30: Art Directors Guild & Mexican Food

Yesterday, Bob and I went to have lunch at Chipotle (ours just started using red bell peppers instead of the green ones and whoa- taste so much better) and then walked around Studio City so Bob could find a few plays he’s been wanting to read. I wouldn’t really say this post is about any one specific place in L.A., but more what a typical day looks like for us. I’m still wearing the clothes from the challenge and this weekend we’ll be going all over SoCal (Disneyland!, travel meet-ups!, whale-watching tour!), so the backgrounds will be a little more fun!

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little down on my creation of the outfits- not gonna lie. I just felt uninspired and like they were bland. This look however makes me feel more like myself. A little sassy, killer heels and a funky belt to tie it all together. I think that has been the most important lesson I’ve learned so far in this packing challenge. Yes, you want the  clothes to be versatile, easy to wash, color coordinated, but ultimately- they need to be you. I feel like the last time I did this I was much better at picking clothes that just made me happy and, as a bonus, could be worn a bunch of different ways. Whereas this time, I really thought about how I would wear each thing and for me, that took the fun out of getting dressed. What do you do when packing? Are you a “plan everything out” or “fly by the wind” kind of dresser?

(Here are the outfits from the last challenge– definitely more funky!)