I broke my first bone ever


Last weekend, while enjoying a lovely Saturday with my dear friend Kristin, I was shuffling around a few slow tourists and I slipped on some wet concrete and broke my patella (knee cap). While I am most certainly an adventurer, I have always been a safe and cautious adventurer. Never before had I broken a bone and I liked it that way. That was one of my few ‘tell us something about you’ at parties that I always had over everyone else. Well, not anymore.

So here I am,  six days into it and I can tell you- breaking bones sucks. There is no way to sugar coat it and I’m sure all you fellow broken boners (that doesn’t sound right) know what I’m talking about. You quickly realize all the things you took for granted (like walking, walking up stairs, getting into the shower without help, going to the bathroom- you know, simple everyday things that you want to do without the help of your husband). I’m pretty sure Bob and my marriage reached a new level when he had to help me into and out of the bath. I feel like I’m about 50 years too young for that to be happening with us.

Luckily I went to the doctor for a follow-up appointment and it seems like it’s not as bad as the original x-ray showed. WOOHOO! Yippe! Yay!

While our anniversary plans this weekend are being put on hold, I really love the sound of only being in this brace for a few weeks rather than the original 6 weeks plus rehab.

Trying to keep a positive spirit but I’d love any tips for speeding up the process or herbal teas that you swear by. I’ll do whatever I can to make this as painless and quick as possible.

Now for everyone reading this (hi Mom!), I have one request of you: Please, please, please don’t take your legs for granted! Go out for a hike today or run a 5K this weekend. Go swimming in a pool or surf in the ocean. Bike around the neighborhood or take your pup on an extra long walk. Just do something active and cherish it. Oh, and send me pictures on Instagram of you doing it-  #(insertactivityhere)ForVagabond3 🙂