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Bird Attacks Raccoon

Cruising around Stanley Park, we heard this huge squawk.

Circling around this rock pillar on the shoreline was the angriest black bird I have ever seen.  We watched for a few minutes as it swooped down to the tide line and then shot 30 meters above our head.  There was nothing visible to have upset the bird, so we assume it’s nest had collapsed or an egg had fallen.

Then, out from beneath a rock crept this dopey raccoon. Like a crotchety old man, it sauntered along the stone path to the shore, where it began to feast on a starfish.  This just happened to be the same starfish to which the bird had laid claim.  I don’t think either animal really knew what the other was capable of, so neither went to any great lengths to challenge the other; the bird continued it’s torpedo dives and the raccoon looked up and barked once the bird was on its upswing.

Where We Lay Our Scene

In Comes the Intruder

Bird vs. Raccoon: Battle 1

The Raccoon Barks Back

The Raccoon has Found the Secret Stash

The Raccoon Eats a Starfish

The Bird Dives in for the Final Battle

That final swoop down did drive the raccoon off.  The bird returned to it’s perch high on the rock and proceeded to stare at all the onlookers like we were crazy.  And, that is the story of the battle of the bird vs. the raccoon.

Have you ever seen animals battle it out for food?

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