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Animals we met in Mexico

Taking in the ocean view

Spending a week lounging around an all-inclusive resort doesn’t allow for much time with the locals- people or animals. Even though our resort had a private zoo, I was much more interested in the native, wild animals that called the resort home.Whether watching the birds search for food on discarded trays, the graceful peacocks walking around as if no one can was there, real butterfly kisses on my brothers face, or bullish iguanas marking their territory next to the cabanas, these animals took claim of this area. Always one to stand up for animals, it’s interesting to me how they have adapted to this new way of living and changing landscape. 

Our friends and fellow resort-goers:

Enjoying the nightly buffet

A stroll around the resort

Relaxing in the shade

Mesmerized by the local plant life

Wandered a little too far off the beaten track

butterfly kisses

What are your favorite animal encounters while traveling?