Be a Better Traveler: Part 2- Airplane Etiquette

Last week we talked about how to be a better traveler by observing those A+ travelers around you. Observe, practice and perfect.

This week, I want to go back to the basics and talk about how to be a polite traveler, which ultimately makes you a better traveler.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Airplane Behavior:

  • Line up and board the plane when you are called- not before and not after.
  • Pack lighter!

    A carry on should be just that- a carry on. If you can’t carry it yourself or need a lot of extra help getting all your bags on the plane, do everyone a favor and just check it.

  • Follow the rules: Turn your electronics and cell phones off when told to. Keep seated until the seatbelt sign is turned off.
  • Don’t get drunk. Unless you hired a private jet to take you to Vegas, this is completely unnecessary and rude to other passengers and staff. If you are on a long haul flight,  enjoy a glass of wine or two to help you fall asleep and calm down but don’t get rowdy or out of hand.
  • I want to get off the plane as soon as it lands too– however if you are seated in the back of the plane or next to the window- there is no reason to stand up, exhale extremely loud and grab your bag. Keep seated. (Or book a seat closer to the front of the plane if you must get off in a hurry.)
  • When on a long flight I understand the tendency to bring food on board, however stick to sandwiches or cold food choices that don’t emit a lot of odor. Even if your chicken tortilla soup and tuna sandwich taste delicious, they aren’t going to smell delicious for very long.
  • If it is wintertime and you have a big coat, try putting it in the overhead bin or under your seat. Spillover from your seat onto the person next to you is annoying and hot.

Airplane Bathroom Behavior:

  • Flush the toilet. Really no explanation needed.
  • After you wash your hands, wipe down the sink area for the next person. In very confined spaces no one wants to back into anything wet.
  • If you are prone to need to use the bathroom more than once on a short flight, sit on an aisle seat. Same thing- if you are likely to fall fast asleep the second you sit down, please sit next to the window so people don’t have to step on and over you to get out.

What are your pet peeves about airplane behavior? What annoys you the most about the passenger sitting next to you?

photos via 1,2.