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3 Steps to Better Photography

One of the biggest changes a traveler or blogger can make is moving their camera off of the auto setting, which is WAY easier than you might expect.  Remember that photography is made up of simple concepts that photographers feel out and explore over time.  Here are a few killer videos that explore some of the basic techniques and will make you more confident in your choices as you move into more complete photography.

Getting the Exposure Right : AKA the Exposure Triangle

This video does a great job of outlining how the different settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, and aperture) impact a picture.  I know for me, when I was getting started, my biggest concern was getting light on the subject and I would adjust everything until the lighting looked right….unfortunately, that also meant that the images would frequently become blurry or grainy.  This demonstration helps keep everything in line.

Where’s the Background : AKA Depth of Field

This is a simple, simple video that explains a topic that was touched on in the Exposure Triangle video, depth of field.  By adjusting the aperture of your lens, you can decide exactly what is in focus and what is blurred in the distance.  Keeping this in mind, you can use your skills to draw the viewer’s eye.

Choosing A Lens : AKA Getting the Right Field of View

What is the difference between shooting two shots with the same composition, but changing between a 24mm and a 200mm?  I was always of the opinion that if everything fit into the shot then I had selected the correct lens length (using the ol’ ‘zoom with your feet’ concept).  I didn’t realize that I was blinding myself to some creative choices that could shape how I captured the world in my shot.  This video breaks down lens length in a way that will make you reconsider your photography style.